I was led to personal injury law because of my intense desire to fight for individuals who are up against insurance companies, other large companies, and special interests. As an insurance defense attorney early in my career, I realized that most individuals who are seeking to recover for their injuries are not dishonest or seeking a financial windfall.

It is very important that clients understand the basics of their legal situation, and how the judicial system works — as well as alternatives such as mediation. I encourage clients to educate themselves, and ask questions of me. I encourage clients to provide me all information, including documents, they believe are relevant to their claim.

A personal injury claim should be handled by an experienced personal injury lawyer, and not, to any significant degree, by office staff, which, I believe, is so often the case. It has been my experience that most individuals’ bad experiences with personal injury attorneys have been the attorneys’ refusal to promptly, if at all, return their telephone calls or keep them thoroughly informed of the status of their claims.

I am focused on returning my clients’ phone calls and e-mails promptly, and keeping them regularly advised of their case. Any significant correspondence sent or received by the attorneys in a case should be provided to the client.

Many clients are fearful of going to trial, and want their case settled, but others are willing to endure the risks of a jury trial, seeking the full value of their claim. I respect both desires. All claims, in any event, are handled as though they will eventually result in a lawsuit and trial. While the majority of claims do not require a trial, preparing them as though they will regularly results in a good settlement.

In handling personal injury claims, I am aggressive in thoroughly preparing the case-the facts of the injury, the medical treatment, a thorough presentation of the claim to the insurance company, and pursuing the claim to trial, if necessary.

Attorneys who are rude and abrasive to insurance adjusters and opposing attorneys harm their clients. From my prior experience as an insurance defense attorney, I am aware that such tactics actually project weakness and fear, and the need to settle a case. I follow the prevailing view in legal circles-respectful to the opposition; aggressive in the presentation of the claim.

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